23 Dec, 2022


Sister Wives Christine Brown shares the Moment with daughter Truely

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Selfie-style video

Brown explained the situation in a Selfie-style video in the car beginning 'So the other day at school, and there is this kid who has been bullying everybody at school.

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Moment of declaration

Brown shared, 'He turned around, and he went, and sat down, and that was it.'

Credits: People Magazine

Proud mom

Christine Brown added, 'I am pretty sure the teacher and everyone in the class wanted to give her a standing ovation; I know I did.'

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Christine recalled

Christine recalled, 'It was like a vicious cycle all the time; I'd say you know your dad loves you. He loves you; he wants to spend time with you.

Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Christine was missing out

Christine said she felt he was missing out on seriously wicked, awesome kids and on knowing them.

Credits: The Sun

Christine Brown's Instagram story

The Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, 50, opened up on her Instagram Story about a recent moment when her daughter Truly stood up for her friend.

Credits: All About The Tea

Appearance on an episode

Earlier this month, on the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, Christine opened up about how she was impacted when seeing her children disappointed by their dad

Credits: US Weekly

Kids of Christine with Kody

Christine shares Truly, Ysabel, Gwendlyn, Paedon, Mykelti, and Aspyn with ex-Kody Brown.

Credits: In Touch Weekly

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