02 Jan, 2023


'Sister Wife' Christine Brown Said About Her Celebrity Crush, And Said Ex Kody Is Complete Opposite

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Christine Brown’s Latest Celebrity Crush

Christine Brown is looking forward to Cody Brown in her love life. On Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, the TLC star opened up about her latest celebrity crush, and it's safe to say he doesn't have much in common with Cody Brown.

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The Blushing Scenes

Shemar Moore definitely, Christine Brown said, naming the Criminal Minds actor. She is blushing. The man is beautiful. Just someone who treats women well.

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The Video Game

Janelle Brown also shared that Christine Brown may be looking for someone who just cherishes her. But Janelle Brown pointed to a statue in Christine Brown's home of one of the videogame characters Durotan, an orc with great husband qualities, according to Christine Brown.

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The Orc

Durotan is an orc, and that's what she is attracted to, Christine Brown said. The first time she meets him, he's a warrior, but he's looking at his wife with so much love. He would do anything for her. And she just wants that kind of love.

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The Divorcing Scenes

Christine Brown announced she was divorcing Cody Brown in November 2021. Since then, she's packed up and left her Flagstaff home to start a new chapter in Utah with her 12-year-old daughter, Truly.

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A Fresh Start

Shortly after announcing her split from Cody Brown, Christine Brown updated fans on her sense of joy at the fresh start.

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The Announcement

Thank you for supporting me with leaving Cody Brown, she said to a fan in a Cameo shortly after announcing the split.

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The Latest Sister Wives Season

Christine Brown's exit has impacted all the Browns in this latest Sister Wives season. As the other women have each processed her absence, Cody Brown's fourth, Robyn Brown, said it felt like a big bomb going off that exposed cracks and added some to the family's foundation.

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The Separation

So much so that Janelle Brown opened up that she'd also recently separated from Cody Brown during the first Sister Wives: One-on-One episode, which aired last month.

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