Singer's son Ronnie Turner who is 62, died from complications of colon cancer

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

Colon cancer

Ronnie Tuner, a musician, died on Thursday as he got complications of metastatic colon cancer.

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Case file of Ronnie

Ronnie suffered from atherosclerosis heart disease, a thickening of the arteries listed before his death.

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The cancer spreads all over the body

In the U.S., Colorectal is the fourth-leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Metastatic refers to a patient's cancer that has spread from one site to other body parts.

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Paying tribute to Ronnie

Tina Turner, the mother of Ronnie Turner, is paying tribute to her son after his death by sharing an emotional post on social media.

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Tina wrote about her beloved son

She wrote with a solemn black-and-white portrait of herself, ‘Ronnie, you left the world too far. I close my eye and think of you, my beloved son.

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Afida Turner, wife of Ronnie

The French singer, Afida Turner, wife of Ronnie Turner, shared a series of tribute posts t her late husband.

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Afida, separate post

Afida wrote in the caption of a separate post, 'I did the best to t end this time, and I was not able to save you. Love you for 17 years, and I am very mad.'

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Afida and Ronnie

In 2007, Ronnie and Afida married, referring to the death of Craig, who committed suicide in 2018. Ike Turner, who is Ronnie's father, died in 2007.

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