Singer Rain is met with an awkward(?) situation during his performance at K-CON LA

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Very recently a singer and an actor, Rain has been faced by a very bad situation from his fans, these fans are overseas and they are not happy about the album “Ciipher”, he released.

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An article was posted by a citizen few days ago, in which he talked about the performance of Rain at the K-CON LA, it was in Los Angeles, and the dates o fhis events were, from 18th August to 20th August.

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When the singer was performing on the stage, the fans did not show any reaction to his performance and didn’t shout his name once and appreciated him, even the lights they brought to create a hype at thelocaton, those were also turned off by the cold hearted fans.

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What did Rain Performed

At the stage Rain comes up to sing his one of thehit songs, “Stage of Raininsm” , when it was released it was a complete hit and fans loved it and replayed it many times on their play list but when it was sung live by the singer, they were not happy.

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During the whole show, the Singer was performing so well, and good but still with all of his efforts, the audience keep a flat face in front him. They did not make him cheerful and neither chant his name once although the stage was full of performance and good vibes.

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This situation was not faced by any of the group members of him, but with him, the crowd was completely silent and they don’t bother while turning off their lights and did it shamelessly.

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According to the reports, this type of bad and cold reaction from fans was due to the album “Ciipher” that was released by him. The abum was decided to reorganize by four to five singers of the group in which Rain was the producer.

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As it was produced by the singer, he promoted the song with so much efforts and through different ways, like he started promoting it his wife and also invited few big acctresses , and he also get into many TV Shows and talked by the album he produced and amkeit remembering by everyone.

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When he was asked that what is the amount he spent approximately to do this, so he said he just sold house to and lost it because it required big investment.

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So, fans did not like the album of being disbanding when he had spent a lot of money on that then why he is doing this and currently performing everwhere, in their eye it is a very irresponsible behaviour from the K-POP, so that is why they Rain has been “Boycott” by the fans.

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And some are saying that this is not the reason at that situation on the concert, and he did not select a better song to perform during the show, that made fans disheartened and cold.

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