05 Jan, 2023


Shocking. Ellie Goulding admits she was dating Niall Horan and cheated on Ed Sheeran

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Such a cheater!

Ellie Goulding admits she cheated on Ed Sheeran in 2013. She disclosed being with Niall Horan at that time.

Credits: Pinkvilla

Oh well, then she got married

Elle Goulding may have had a sizzling time with Ed and Niall. But she is married to Caspar Jopling. The two are parents to their son Arthur.

Credits: Daily Mail

Dating rumors

The rumors of Ed and Ellie dating sparked when they were holding hands at the VMA awards.

Credits: People

Double Dating

While the news of Ed and Ellie was in the air. Ellie was also seen on some casual dates with Niall. There were talks about Elle cheating on Ed.

Credits: Metro UK

Admits after ten years

Now Elle, after ten years, has responded to that rumor. She responded to a TikTok comment where she uploaded a video of herself with Harry Styles dancing on As It Was.

Credits: Daily Mail

Friends don't hold hands

In an interview where Ellie said she holds hands with her friends. Fans didn't feel something was right and claimed they were dating.

Credits: Pinkvilla

Ed's Cherry

Ed is now married to Cherry Seaborn. They welcomed a baby girl last year. Her name is Jupiter.

Credits: People

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