20 Dec, 2022


Shirley Watts Died At 84 Due To A Short Illness

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Shirley Ann Watts is No More

Shirley Ann Watts, a previous art student and leading breeder of Arabian horses, died at 84. She met a drummer, Charlie Watts when he tied up with the Rolling Stones, and with him, the couple formed one of the most enduring marriages ever.

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Shirley died on 16th December

Shirley’s family declared on Monday, ‘Shirley passed away peacefully on 16th December, Friday in Devon due to a brief illness, occurred in her family’. The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood was the one who mourned her death.

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Wood wrote his thoughts

Wood wrote on Facebook, ‘We’ll miss you so much. Though, take coziness that you’re reunited with your loved Charlie’.

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Shirley and Charlie remained together

On the one hand, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Wood had multiple girlfriends and wives. But Shirley and Charlie Watts stayed together for over 50 years till Charlie’s died in 2021.

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The crisis occurred in the Mid-1980s

The couple had an only crisis that occurred in the mid-1980s when Charlie fought heroin addiction. It later affected their marriage and left him alone with journalists.

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Carlie wanted to be a Drummer

Charlie told Rolling Stone magazine in 1996, ‘I’ve always dreamt to be a drummer and it is comfortable with my wife as well, I like to pursue it further.’

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Shirley had warm relations with Richards

In the words of Charlie, his wife, Shirley, has warm relations with Richards and Jagger, who play the Stones’ music around the home. Shirley conveyed his ambivalent feelings to Vanity Fair in 1989 about how the band’s drug deeply affected her life.

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Shirley’s words about the Rolling Stones

Shirley said, ‘It was appalling, inclined into the life of Rolling stones. I got lost for 25 years and have never tried to cope with it. There have been loads of anger that were very-very deep. I appreciate the folks in the group. But, hated the way it treated women. There’s no regard!’

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