Shania Twain Poses Nude At 57 For Her Upcoming Album 'Queen Of Me'

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Posted on: 06 Jan, 2023

Shania Twain, the 57-year-old Queen of country pop, went nude on her cover art for her forthcoming album 'Queen of Me,' which will be released on February 3.

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Shania Twain interview with Today

On Thursday, the pop singer appeared on the 'Today' show and spoke about going nude on her upcoming album.

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Twain terrified over nude cover

The shoot was inspiring, and she was happy it went well. Though she was petrified, she gave it all that she could.

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New song 'Giddy Up!'

Twain opened talked about overcoming her body anxieties in her uplifting new song, 'Giddy Up!' released on Thursday.

Credits: Cosmopolitan.com

Twain's insecure about her body

She has insecurities and doesn't enjoy looking at her body in a mirror with the lights on.

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The singer felt shy wearing bikini

Twain felt shy wearing a bikini at the beach when she was young; she called herself ridiculous and that she wanted to wear a bikini to the beach now though she isn't 20 anymore.

Credits: Hollywood Life

'Queen of Me' about empowerment

Twain's upcoming album 'Queen of Me' brings about empowerment.

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Taking responsibility and ownership

Twain talked about taking responsibility, owning oneself, and loving who you are.

Credits: Eonline.com

Twain grew more confident

She also added that in recent years she had become more confident as she feels royal and is her own boss, and is responsible for her own decisions.

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