03 Jan, 2023


Shakira Urges Followers To Keep Trusting In Others

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Shakira feels Betrayed

Shakira is determined to continue to trust others even when she feels betrayed.

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Shakira Lose Faith

The 45-year-old singer Shakira who split from soccer star Gerard Pique last year, has taken to social media to urge people who have been betrayed not to lose faith.

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The Instagram Post

Shakira, who has Sasha, seven, and Milan, nine, with Gerard, wrote on Instagram that even if their wounds are still open in this new year, the time has a surgeon's hands.

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Shakira’s Statement

Even if someone betrays you, you have to trust others. Continue to recognize your worth when faced with disrespect because there are more good than bad people. Empathy rather than indifference. Fewer people will leave their jobs.

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The Heartbreak

The 'Waka Waka' hitmaker Shakira suggested that heartbreak can be channeled constructively.

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The Tears

She writes that our tears are not in vain. They nourish the soil in which our future grows; they make us human and enable us to continue to love even when we are heartbroken.

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The Caption

FC Barcelona captain Shakira and Gerard announced their divorce in a joint statement in June.

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The High-profile Duo

The high-profile duo also explained that they were determined to make their children their number one priority.

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The Separation

They said they regret to confirm that they were separating. They now ask for privacy for the well-being of their children, their maximum priority. They thanked everyone in advance for understanding and respect.

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Te Felecito

Shakira was rumored to have referred to their split in her song 'Te Felecito.'

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