Shakira shattered over ex-husband's alleged affair with new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti

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Posted on: 07 Jan, 2023

Shakira was shattered as Clara Chia Marti, her ex-husband Gerard Pique's current girlfriend, was revealed by fans in a zoom interview he conducted from his home in 2021.

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The Zoom call

And this zoom call was recorded when Shakira and Gerard happily shared their home at that time.

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Shakira cheated by her ex-boyfriend

According to a source, it is said that the singer was saddened after learning that she felt at home with Gerard as they both shared their children.

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Shakira was with kids during zoom call

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Pique and Shakira divorced

Last year, Pique and Shakira divorced after 11 years of marriage. They cohabitated in Barcelona, Spain, for eight years, but the singer and their children are moving back to Miami.

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Extremely painful separation

During one of her interviews with an outlet, she called the separation extremely painful, and she is just coping with it in the eye of the public; she also added that it was difficult for her to talk about it.

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Divorce still a hot topic

The divorce between the former couple was still a hot topic at the beginning of 2023, for which she posted in English and Spanish on her relationship as she was betrayed and how it continues with trust.

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