‘Shake it Off’ lawsuit: Taylor Swift says she wrote the lyrics all by herself

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Posted on: 11 Aug, 2022

'Shake It Off' has been accused of copyright infringement by Taylor Swift. As Swift stated in her declaration filed on August 8, 'I wrote all the lyrics for 'Shake It Off myself.'.Swift has had to defend the song's lyrics twice now. In 2017, a copyright lawsuit was filed, but it was later dropped.

A judge recently ruled that the case will go to trial and be decided by a jury after it was appealed one year ago. They claim Swift plagiarized their 2001 song 'Playas Gon' Play' for the band 3WL.

Swift claims she wasn't even aware the song existed: 'I first heard the song after this claim was made.'.

Swift uses childhood stories to support her claim that she did not steal any lyrical content.“When I attended school in Wyomissing Hills and high school in Hendersonville, I heard phrases about players' play and haters' hate,” Swift recalled.

In addition, he explained how co-writers Max Martin and Shellback came up with the song 'Shake It Off' in 2014.

The drumbeat was made by Shellback, and Swift and Martin collaborated on the melody. Her lyrics were then ad-libbed, according to Swift.

The song's co-writers, Martin and Shellback, say they had never heard it before the lawsuit.1989 is Swift's fifth studio album and features the song 'Shake It Off.'.

After Swift was revealed to have the highest CO2 emissions among celebrities this year, fans are divided over her private jet usage.

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