07 Mar, 2023


Selective Outrage And Will Smith's Oscar Slap In Chris Rock's New Comedy Special

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Happening at the Academy Awards

In a powerful Netflix stand-up special, Chris Rock said he 'took that hit like Pacquiao' after Will Smith smacked him at the Academy Awards a year earlier.

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The first show

He performed his first stand-up show since last year's Oscars in a sequel that was more like a Manny Pacquaio prize fight.

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Rock's live-stream show

In a long-awaited comedy counterpunch to Academy Awards infamy, 'Chris Rock: Selective Outrage' marked Netflix's first live stream.

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Chris Rock's statement

A Prince medallion adorned Rock's neck as he riffed on 'wokeness,' hypersensitivity, and selective outrage, while dressed all white. Those who say words hurt haven't been punched,' said Rock.

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Clear explanation

But Rock then explored several current topics, such as virtue signalling, high-priced yoga pants, the Duchess of Sussex, the Kardashians, abortion rights, and the Capitol riot. Rock said he wants now, not love.

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The joke part

In addition to the Will Smith show, Rock riffed on how he'd support his father if he transitioned. Occasionally, Rock's material crossed over with the Oscars, like when he joked about how Snoop Dogg became a revered advert pitchman.

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The hurting remarks

Snoop is not being dissed, Rock said. The legendary Academy Awards moment was the subject of Rock's closing remarks. Everybody knows about the time I was smacked. It still hurts. Summertime is playing in my ears right now, Rock said.

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Long-term discussion

The incident has been repeatedly discussed and apologized for since March, but Rock has avoided the usual social media outlets. Despite the many media outlets that wanted an exclusive interview, he never sat down with Oprah Winfrey.

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Expectations in the next project

It will never happen that I appear on Oprah or Gayle as a victim,' said Rock. Some of the best material in Rock's second Netflix special centred around their differences on the physical plane.

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The artist's names

Rock said, 'We're different sizes. This guy wears his shirt off and I wear a sweater if I am getting open-heart surgery in a film.' The actor was Muhammed Ali, whereas Rock was Pookie.

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A provoking joke

Smith, who has a strained relationship with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, provoked Rock to stride on stage and strike Rock with a joke about her. In a joke, Rock referred to Pinkett Smith's earlier confession that she had an 'entanglement' with another man.

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