How Sean Patrick Small Became Larry Bird for ‘Winning Time’

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Actor Sean Patrick Small took on the coveted yet challenging role of portraying basketball legend Larry Bird in the HBO series WINNING TIME. Bird was the star Boston Celtics player and archnemesis of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers team featured in the show. Small shares what it took to become Larry Bird through the audition, extensive preparation, on-set performance and feedback.

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Nailing the Audition

Small had to submit an audition tape showcasing his basketball skills and dialogue reading. He focused on emulating Bird distinct Indiana accent, competitive swagger and shooting ability. Small wore a wig and prosthetic nose to physically resemble Bird. Small felt he did his best to capture Bird persona though nervous to send the tape. He was thrilled when the producers called him with the news he had won the part.

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Immersive Preparation

Small dove deep into understanding Larry Bird to fully inhabit the role. He studied footage of Bird playing for Indiana State and the Celtics analyzing his moves and style. Small read books and articles about Bird life, career and relationships.

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Small took lessons with a basketball coach to mimic Bird skills. He worked with a dialect coach to perfect the nuances of Bird voice and speech patterns. The intensive preparation helped Small feel connected to and impressed by the icon he would play.

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Bringing Larry Bird to Life

Small aimed to convey Bird confidence and competitive spirit as well as his humor and intelligence on set. Small had fun embodying this basketball legend though challenging at times like wearing a wig in the heat. Critics, fans and even Larry Bird himself praised Small portrayal as spot-on and compelling.

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Positive Feedback

Small was honored that his performance received such positive reviews. Bird said Small did a great job capturing him which was especially meaningful feedback. Overall the experience represented a dream role for Small as a basketball and Bird fan. He felt proud to bring nuance and humanity to one of the game complex giants.

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Sean Patrick Small successfully transformed into Larry Bird for WINNING TIME through an immersive audition, research process, on-set commitment and warm reception. He vividly brought to life both the iconic athlete and the man behind the legend. Small shows that actors can fully inhabit even the most larger-than-life figures with dedication and talent.

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