Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Love Island Usa Contestant Who Called Her Disrespectful

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Host of Love Island USA 'Sarah Hyland' recently had a confrontation with contestant Mike Starks who called her disrespectful on air. Hyland handled the tense situation with grace and humor. Lets look at the background, the on-air incident, the aftermath,and Hyland anniversary celebration after.

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Background on Sarah Hyland and Mike Starks

Sarah Hyland is best known as Haley Dunphy on Modern Family. She is now the host of dating reality show Love Island USA which moved from CBS to Peacock this year. Hyland is also engaged to former Bachelorette contestant Wells Adams.

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Mike Starks is a former Love Island USA contestant. He is a personal trainer and model from Los Angeles. Starks joined the show in Week 2 as a bombshell meant to stir things up.

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Love Island USA features singles living together trying to couple up and win $100K. Viewers vote for their favorite couples. Anyone not coupled up gets eliminated.

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The Tense On-Air Confrontation

The drama occurred during an elimination episode where six islanders had to leave. Keenan Anunay was coupled with Kay Kay Gray. Kay Kay chose to leave with Keenan saying she found what she came for.

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Hyland asked if Kay Kay was sure about her decision. Kay Kay said she had no regrets. But Starks felt Hyland was being disrespectful for asking the question. He told Hyland she should respect Kay Kay choice.

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Hyland looked shocked and confused by Starks comment. She denied being disrespectful and just said OKAY THEN before moving on.

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How Hyland Handled the Aftermath

Hyland did not let Starks remark ruin the rest of the episode. Another contestant Leonardo Dionicio apologized to her for Starks reaction. Hyland cracked a joke saying Boys will be boys, right? She smiled and smoothly continued the show.

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Starks was eliminated in that same episode without getting to explain himself or say goodbye to Hyland.

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Fan Reaction to the Incident

Fans criticized Starks online for being rude and immature toward Hyland. They defended Hyland for handling the situation professionally. Hyland had teased the confrontation on Instagram beforehand saying the episode would be dramatic.

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Hyland Anniversary After the Episode

Hyland celebrated her one-year anniversary with fiancé Wells Adams after the tense episode. She shared a kiss photo on Instagram expressing her love for Adams.

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Adams also posted a cuddling photo saying he felt lucky to have Hyland and can not wait to marry her. He watches every Love Island USA episode and supports Hyland hosting role.

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Sarah Hyland demonstrated grace under fire when accused of being disrespectful on Love Island USA. She moved on with wit and poise. The supportive reaction showed fans admiring Hyland professionalism. Hyland ending the night celebrating her relationship showed her resilience. She proved herself to be an exemplary host and strong woman.

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