28 Dec, 2022


Samantha's Daughter Ashleigh Revealed Shocking Details In Prince Harry And Meghan's Docuseries

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Nonexisting relationship

Even though Samantha is Meghan's half-sister, the relationship is nonexistent. But Meghan shares a good bond with her daughter Ashleigh Markle.

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Maternal Markle

Ashleigh spoke about her bond with Meghan in the docuseries of being a little maternal. Meghan is also her best friend.

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Plagued the drama

Even Meghan said she wanted a sister, and with Ashleigh, she felt like the elder sister's wife. But with the drama Samantha created, Meghan feels it was wrong to plague Ashleigh into it.

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Bad Behaviour

Ashleigh revealed she stopped talking to her mother because of her bad behavior with Meghan. Because when the news broke, Samantha said many bad words about Meghan, and Ash didn't like it.

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Ashleigh felt that Samantha was bringing much resentment, and she could not reason with her, so she stopped talking to her.

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Didn't attend the royal wedding

Because of Samantha, the royal and the team of Prince Harry and Meghan felt it was good if Ashleigh didn't attend the wedding. While in the car, the couple spoke to Ashleigh and gave her all the reasons why the team had come to that conclusion.

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Takes away everything

Ashleigh said; she was also hurt on some level. Because of her mother, certain important things were taken away from her. Since she was a part of the docuseries, she has been close to Meghan, and we will know more about their equation when the docuseries is released.

Credits: Vanity Fair

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