07 Jan, 2023


RuPaul Drag Race's performance was pushed despite the hate and death Threats

By FactsWow Team

Drag into mainstream

RuPaul brings Drag into the mainstream. It makes people aware that it's a type of art. The contestant Marcia told the Press.

Media Credits: Gay Times

New Season

The new season of RuPaul season starts on Friday on MTV. The Drag queen said everyone was fine with her Drag. She said History speaks back, and now people are calling out.

Media Credits: Cosmopolitan.com

The art of dressing like a different gender

Right-wing Politicians and activists attack this kind of performance. They associate this style with sexualization.

Media Credits: Capital FM

Drag story hours

In recent times, protesters held guns and have besieged drag hours. During this time, artists read stories from books to children.

Media Credits: The Guardian

Hate is Disheartening

Jax spoke about the hate, protests, and threats. It was disheartening, but they were not surprised. A person with a minority. He had to undergo his entire life growing up in a certain community.

Media Credits: Gay Times


LaDuca said meeting threats with caution and safety is fine. But she will never be scared. The NYC Cityman Erik Bottcher attedend a drag story. He posted a clip of people outside with the most disgusting signs verbally.

Media Credits: The Telegraph

The Vitriol aim

Irene Dubois said that when a man is dressed in a women's attire. It is hilarious. She hypnotized. The judge of RuPaul Drag Race, Ross Mathews, talks about success and regression as a swinging pendulum.

Media Credits: Dicider


He said the further they advance. They are embraced and celebrated like a pendulum. It's like a swinging pendulum or Genie. Marcia said if people have a problem with that. They need to Reevaluate.

Media Credits: The Drag Enthusaist

The Impact

Lastly, Princess Poppy said RuPaul made an impact with Drag Race. It's helped people who don't understand Drag people, Gay people, and Queens of Drags. It humanizes the race too.

Media Credits: Vox

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