Ronald Roloff Made It To Heaven According to Tori of Little People, Big World

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Posted on: 08 Aug, 2022

Ronald Roloff, the actor who played Ronald in Little People, Big World, has passed away. Her husband's late grandpa is being honored on Instagram by Tori Roloff.

Her husband's late grandfather Ronald Roloff, who lived in a small town in Ohio, is now in heaven according to Tori Roloff from Little People, Big World. 

After the major loss, Tori sent out the love even though she is upset with Matt Roloff. It is now mourned by fans and the Roloff family that the patriarch has passed away.

In Little People, Big World, Tori has had a rough season. She can't seem to catch a break between constant attacks on her parenting skills and her husband's falling out with Matt. 

It was hard for Tori to let go of her dreams of owning Roloff Farms in the last year, as she has been open about it. With her husband in Battleground, WA, she is happy to make her own life.

In honor of Zach's grandfather, who passed away this week, the couple will soon return to Oregon to be with her and her husband Zach Roloff.

The Roloff family legend Ronald was honored on Monday by Tori through her Instagram Stories. Mother of three Miranda Roloff shares a loving throwback photo of her son Jackson with 'Papa', expressing her confidence that he is in heaven. 

She acknowledged that processing the devastating news and dealing with her grief was extremely difficult after Ronald met Jesus. 

Tori then requested prayers for Ronald Roloff's wife, Peggy Roloff. As Tori concluded her note, she acknowledges that he made it home to heaven and left quite a legacy behind.

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