03 Jan, 2023


Robin Roberts Plans To Get Married To Amber Laign In 2023

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Robin Roberts to Marry in 2023

Robin Roberts plans to get married in the new year, 2023. In a conversation with author Gabby Bernstein on Monday, Good Morning America host, 62, said she decided to marry her longtime girlfriend, Amber Laign.

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Roberts says ‘yes’ to Marriage

Roberts said, ‘I am hesitating as I didn’t say it out loud, but I am saying ‘yes’ to the Marriage. We are getting married in 2023. It was something we’d talked about. She was ill but said ‘yes’ to start the next chapter.

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Roberts With Amber Laign since 2005

Roberts, who’s been with Amber since 2005, shared the post that her partner had been fighting breast cancer last year. The anchor unveiled on Twitter, ‘My sweet Amber like to tell you that she is facing. Last year, she was identified with a disease of Breast Cancer.

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The Prognosis Is Good

Amber Laign underwent surgery last month, and early morning, she’ll start chemotherapy. Thanks to God, the prognosis is going well. In July, the duos were excited to viral the news that Amber had finished her radiation treatments.

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Robins Captioned the Video Clip

Robins captioned the video clip, ‘Sweet Amber. Completed radiation which is a very significant aspect of her treatment. We thanked all for their prayers and well wishes. She added, ‘Proud of all fellow thrivers for grace and grit at the challenging period. This is probably #Mondaymotivation’.

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Roberts Opened Up Laign’s Disease in April

Roberts, the veteran broadcaster, felt the partner’s ailment who identified with breast cancer in 2007. In April, Roberts revealed Laign’s breast cancer disease on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

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Roberts battled with the bone-marrow disease

Alongside, Roberts also fought with a bone-marrow and blood disease of MDS as a myelodysplastic syndrome in 2012, requiring a bone-marrow transplant. Her severe health conditions did not make Roberts go through such kind of treatment by Amber.

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Amber is So courageous

Roberts shared, ‘I had gone through the treatment twice, shed tears. I am slick whenever I think about what treatment Amber is facing. But she is dealing extremely well as Amber is so courageous.

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