RHOBH: Kyle Richards Quotes That Sum Him Up

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Posted on: 21 Aug, 2022

Taking on the role of Lindsey Wallace once more, Kyle Richards will return for the final chapter Halloween Ends in October 2022. In light of the reality star's 12-year stint on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I have enjoyed seeing her act in the horror genre.  

I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills. This is my town.

A Real Housewives tagline explains a little bit about each cast member and their season theme. Season 3's tagline had to do with Kyle's upbringing in a beautiful, wealthy California area and her self-confidence.  

Even if I'm a better friend than you.

A major focus of the show was Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump's friendship, as they joked around, traveled together, and got along with their spouses

However, in season 8, the two felt uncertain and shaky around one another. According to Kyle, following LVP's apology, she felt like she was a more loyal and compassionate friend.

You were just like 'Oh I'm putting out my own fires.

The tragic home invasion of Dorit Kemsley in season 12 of RHOBH is one of the most memorable storylines. During a meeting with Sutton Stracke, Kyle expressed her confusion over Sutton's comment about her busy schedule and lack of compassion for Dorit.

In a town full of phonies, I’m not afraid to be me.

Kyle's taglines are all excellent, including the one he used for RHOBH season 10 about people in Beverly Hills having secrets. Additionally, Kyle's season 1 tagline was smart and perceptive, as she expressed that she would always be herself.  

Don't ever talk to me like that again.

Despite being close friends for a long time, Kyle and Dorit kept misunderstanding each other and got into painful arguments in season 11.

In response to Dorit's complaint that Kyle kept interrupting her, Kyle admitted that she did not believe Dorit should have raised her voice and sounded so harsh toward her. 'Friends don't do that,' Kyle said.  

I came here because I care

Kyle Todd was told to leave her home in Lisa's final big RHOBH scene. Even now, the loud, harsh words exchanged between people with whom I've shared so many good times still shock me.

My opinion, she's not close to you at all.

On RHOBH, Erika Jayne emerged from her shell in season 11 and shared her feelings about her divorce with her co-stars, but before that point, Kyle felt Erika was closed off and private. During Kyle's conversation with Erika, she admitted that she thought Dorit and Erika didn't have a good friendship.

I really don't think it needed to be this way at all.

Kyle told her friends after season 9 ended that she ran into LVP and told her she was upset that their friendship ended in such an upsetting way. As Kyle's friend or family member, this quote reflects his personality and heartfelt desire to always make things right.

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