RHOBH: Diana, Lisa, and Erika firing rumours cause fans to react

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Posted on: 15 Aug, 2022

Several fans expressed their reactions to rumors that Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and newcomer Diana Jenkins will be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12. Since season 6 of RHOBH, Erika's popularity has been largely split.

During fights, she bullied her cast members into submission and was considered cold. In contrast, others admired and envied the Pretty Mess star's glamorous lifestyle.

As a result of allegations that Tom Girardi scammed millions of dollars from his clients, Erika's fan base plummeted. According to many, Erika cared only about her problems and acted heartlessly towards his victims.

Lisa's addition to the cast in season 5 excited RHOBH fans. Among the biggest names to join RHOBH was the former Days of Our Lives star. Fans loved her fun-loving antics; however, they accused her of stirring pots and throwing Denise Richards under the bus in season 10.

When Lisa's mother, Lois, passed away ahead of season 12, many RHOBH fans sympathized with her. It has become tiresome for viewers to see her use Lois' death as an excuse for inappropriate behavior.

Sutton Stracke was accused of bullying Diana and Lisa by viewers. Fans of RHOBH were initially drawn to Diana's pretentious attitude and portrayal of herself as the season's villain, but quickly became turned off by her.

It is almost completely clear that three west coast wives will leave next season, according to Reddit user u/Inevitable_Pack6694. Immediately, fans recognized the trio as Diana, Lisa, and Erika.

Several Reddit users expressed their delight at the news, one of whom wrote, 'God, I hope it's true.'. This was mentioned on the Up and Adam podcast yesterday. Another replied, 'I hope it is true, and that's why they went together to Hawaii – ex-wives club 2.'

Lisa's long tenure on RHOBH is due to her four-year contract, a fan revealed. According to one fan, Harry Hamlin was probably part of the deal. Recently, Kyle Richards has appeared in more episodes.' Some viewers want him off the show as well.

It has been claimed that the RHOBH OG stirred up drama between her cast mates while trying to maintain a clean image. According to a Reddit user, 'I am not ready for Kyle to leave yet.'. It is time for her to go. Her manipulations and damage behind the scenes have been extensive. The fact that she walks away clean would not be right.'

No housewife is safe from termination if the rumors are true. The drama still comes from Lisa, Erika, and Diana, despite their bad reputations. Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais have been a big hit with fans this season.

RHOBH fans have warmed up to Crystal Kung Minkoff since her season 11 debut. A full cast member for season 13 may be Garcelle's friend Sheree Zampino. Bravo may be listening to its viewers as they believe The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is ready for a shakeup.

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