RHOA: Tyrone Gilliams reveals why he ghosted Shereé Whitfield

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

It is Tyrone Gilliams who is speaking out on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, explaining why he left Shereé Whitfield waiting in the cold for him.

Shereé Whitfield's ex Tyrone Gilliams explains why he ghosted her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta now that she has moved on with Martell Holt.

Shereé has just revealed that she is dating Love & Marriage: Huntsville's Martell Holt after her awkward breakup on RHOA. Shereé waited years for Tyrone's release from prison and expressed high hopes for a happily ever after they would share.

It was caught on camera that Tyrone left Shereé waiting for hours in the cold for a coffee date he never showed up for. There hasn't been much luck for Shereé when it comes to dating. As of season 1, her short-lived relationships have ended in despair.

In the first episode, she faced off against her ex-husband Bob Whitfield. The cameras have followed her dates with men who turned out to be potential con artists and scammers over the years.

He had first appeared on the show as a friend of Shereé during her and NeNe Leakes' 'I'm very rich!' moment, but later turned out to be another scammer who had been convicted of felony fraud.

Tyrone and Shereé fell in love while he was in jail, and he told her he would sweep her off her feet once he finished his 10-year sentence. Having finally opened up about his breakup with Shereé, Tyrone explains why he left her out in the cold.

In order to maintain his probation, Tyrone has strict rules to follow, and his coffee date with Shereé was not an approved activity. Due to the fact that I am in home confinement. Tyrone explained to The Jasmine Brand that he wasn't allowed. 

Tyrone explained that if he had a contract with Bravo stating he was working with them, his parole officer would've approved the coffee date and he wouldn't have been sent to jail.

After spending years in prison, Tyrone says he's not willing to sacrifice his freedom for a coffee date with Shereé. 'I'm not going to risk my life for anyone to go back to prison,' he said.

The show edited the scene to appear as if Tyrone stood Shereé up, but that wasn't the case. “No, I didn't stand her up.'And more importantly, Jas, when they know where you are, you can't stand up to them.' Tyrone chuckled.

He claims Shereé knew he wouldn't show up because of his probation restrictions, and she called him early in the morning the day of to say, 'I'm coming to Philly.

But I'm not saying I'm coming to Philadelphia. According to Tyrone, Shereé set up the scene to make it look like he ghosted her when in reality he had no idea she was coming to visit him. Tyrone cannot just film a show whenever he wants without the permission of the parole board.

In any case, Shereé is enjoying the attention and affection she is receiving from Martell. Being a fellow reality star, there has been a lot of chatter about their budding romance. In addition, Martell has a scarred past as a cheater who had a child with both his ex-wife and mistress at the same time.

It's no problem for Shereé to deal with bad boys. There is no doubt that the Real Housewives of Atlanta OG has a thing for men who have a questionable past.

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