24 Dec, 2022


Rejoice The Christmas Eve At Lake In The Hills Airport With Santa

By FactsWow Team

Christmas Eve

Santa Claus, reindeer, and his sled, including Rudolph, are invited on this Christmas Eve to a Lake in the Hills Airport stop to have some snacks, recharge, and rest.

Credits: Visit Rovaniemi

McHenry County Airport

The Folks are welcome to swipe through the McHenry County Airport to glance whether they can see the sight of Jolly Old Elf in northern Illinois.

Credits: meappropriatestyle

Cary Dairy Reindeer Rest Area

The merry Christmas eve billed to the inaugural of ‘Cary Dairy Reindeer Rest Area’ with a plan cooked up by Cary Dairy Ice Cream to the owner of Randy Scott and the airport manager, Michael Peranich.

Credits: Companion Care

Scott tries to make Memories

Scott said, ‘We arrived at the Lake in the Hills Airport to make happy holidays wonderful. We try to create awesome memories at Cary Dairy for our visitors. It’s been our main aim to start a tradition that we can do around the happy holidays’ images to reflect imagination’.

Credits: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

Santa delivers Gifts safely

‘To have Christmas eve dinner, the rest area of the reindeer will have beets, carrots, ice creams, and oats to snack on. The airport will seem like a visual locator of Santa once he entered the region. Santa and reindeer, both will find area and render gifts safely’, Scott said.

Credits: Pinterest

Lake in the Hills is the Best Christmas Eve Gift

Peranich said, ‘the best Christmas Eve gift is the Lake in the Hills, a rest stop. Santa is about to go to many places at O’Hare. He can travel without any hitches at Lake in the Hills and does not bother about the air traffic control’.

Credits: Roam the Gnome

Catch an Insight of St. Nicholas

There are runway lights that help in guiding the flight. The greenery grass area is at the Blue-Sky Flying Services Flight School, located at 8411 Pyott Road, where cars can pass by to catch the insight of St. Nicholas.

Credits: Daily Star

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