Puppy Love With Lucy Hale And Grant Gustin Is Finally Here!

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The long wait is finally over as Puppy love the much anticipated Rom-Com is said to premiere today August 18th on Amazon Freevee.

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Puppy Love stars Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin who play polar opposites in the sweet movie. Hale takes on the role of Nicole, a go-getting free spirited child with strong work ethic and a lot of chaos in her personal life. Meanwhile, Gustin’s Max is a socially anxious guy trying to overcome those challenges in his life.

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Max who works to overcome his anxiety adopts a sweet dog which he takes a picture with and uses as his profile picture for a dating app. As Nicole finds herself swiping on the dating app, she’s lured by sweet look of Max and his pup, agreeing to go on a date with him. But their first outing goes really bad and they both vow never to see each other again.

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However, fate has another chance in store for them as not long after their disastrous park date, Max discovers his pup is pregnant after a short encounter with Nicole’s mutt during their date.Forced to stay together due to the impending arrival of puppies, Nicole and Max find that opposites may actually attract and their first date might just be a one time mistake.In an interview with the press Lucy Hale expanded on what drew her to the movie and how she felt while she was on set.

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In her words “I fully feel like I’m in my rom-com era, so I love them. I love being in them. I always love the challenge as an actor of [taking] the story [and asking] how can I make it uniquely mine. So when I first was approached about this project, the appeal for me was the animal aspect. I was really surprised when I read the script at how raunchy and edgy it was because I heard the title, and you think it’s a certain thing, and it’s really a little different than that.”

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“I also just liked Nicole. I liked that she was kind of a mess. She’s chaotic and she is brash, and she speaks her mind. And then Grant got attached, and I always thought he was really talented, and we got to spend the summer in Canada working with dogs. It was just very fun.”

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She also mentioned that working with dogs were a breeze and they were very well trained. In her interview she said “These dogs are so well-trained. It’s pretty crazy, actually. Specifically, Nicole’s dog is [played onscreen by] Fancypants, And what you also don’t see behind the cameras are the dog trainers yelling and making noises. So it really was a test of staying focused and not laughing and paying attention to the dog while also trying to be the character.”

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She finally mentioned the movie was a comedy worth watching and would give you a reason to laugh “How did they even cut this together?” We were laughing so much. Michael Hitchcock, who plays the vet, is an improv; he’s a comedic genius. Once again, I don’t know how they found any footage that was usable of me because I couldn’t stop laughing. The vet scenes are really funny, in particular.”.Puppy Love, Premieres Friday, August 18, Amazon Freevee

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