16 Dec, 2022


Puerto Rico: Independence Vote Bill Passed In The U.S. House

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Puerto Rico’s Movement

To make a more self-reliant government, Puerto Rico got a lift in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday by getting approval on a bill of three probable futures, which earlier had a few chances to be taken up by the Senate.

Credits: The New York Times

The Puerto Rico Status Act

The Puerto Rico Status Act states terms and guidelines to bind a referendum on three prominent options: U.S. sovereignty or statehood in formal U.S. associations, full independence, and dominion to Micronesia and Marshall Islands.

Credits: National Geographic

Democratic Representative Raul Grijalva

Democratic Representative and the bill’s original sponsor, Raul Grijalva, said that whether or not the major gains a vote in the U.S. Senate will strike as a significant historical model to Puerto Rico.

Credits: NBC News

The election will go aboveboard

The legislation talks about the individual in Puerto Rico that the election will go aboveboard, and the outcomes are so, leading to the aboveboard. Grijalva said to the House committee on Wednesday night.

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Democratic-controlled House

The vote got a lift in the Democratic-controlled House by 233-219 votes along with the party lines. Republicans contended against the bill as it didn’t provide the option to maintain the status quo and a commotion until lawmakers approved a funding portion.

Credits: The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Caribbean Island

The Caribbean Island is now a U.S. region whose dwellers are U.S. citizens though they don’t have a voting representation of Congress and couldn’t vote in presidential elections.

Credits: The New York Times

Poverty in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has around 3.3 million people and a high level of poverty. It became a part of the U.S. region in 1898. Activists campaigned for self-determination that includes statehood for decades.

Credits: World Atlas

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