Prince Harry’s Statement On Princess Diana About Royal Life As Duchess Meghan

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Posted on: 16 Dec, 2022

Meghan's Post-marriage Struggles

Prince Harry understood Duchess Meghan's post-marriage struggles with institutions after watching her mother try to make her way through life as a senior royal family member.

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Volume II

Volume II of Harry & Meghan parallels Meghan and Princess Diana's struggles with royal life. To the dismay of those around them, both women effortlessly exuded a larger-than-life presence that captivated the public, he says.

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Breakfast Together

Prince Harry said he spent the night in a room at Buckingham Palace. The next morning, while eating breakfast together, the couple found a British newspaper. And Meghan, on the front page of The Telegraph.

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Oh, My God! It's Jealousy

Oh my god! Meghan recalls. Harry said, But it's not his fault, and He said she knows; his mom felt the same way. The Duke explains that jealousy is common in families that rely on news coverage to get their jobs done.

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The Exact Problem

The problem is that when someone who's married to someone who's supposed to be a support act gets the limelight or does a better job than the person they were born with, it pisses people off.

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Pages Of Newspapers

Prince Harry also said You'd been led to believe that the only way your philanthropy will succeed and your reputation will grow or improve is to be on the front page of these newspapers. But it's the media that decides who gets the front page.

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The Past Interview

The late Princess of Wales addressed the same subject in an infamous 1995 BBC interview.

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Diana Was Jealous

When asked if she was honored by the constant media attention at the time, Diana replied, No, not really. Because with the media heed came a lot of jealousy. This created a lot of complications.

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Similar Emotional Reaction

Harry says the two women had similar emotional reactions to being the subject of widespread media attention for having her. He has had enough of the pain. Suffering enough, no one sees what's going on behind closed doors.

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The Comparison

Harry also compared his mother to Meghan in the series' first volume. 'Meghan and a lot of her personality are very similar to my mother,' he said.

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