16 Dec, 2022


Prince Harry revealed that Duchess Meghan and Princess Diana share similar views of Riyal Life.

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The Royal life struggle

Prince Harry witnessed the attempts his mother, Princess Diana, made to manage and keep up with the Royal family. He also understands his wife, Duchess Meghan's struggle when the two married and her coping mechanism with the royal institution.

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Volume II of Harry and Meghan

In the new Netflix docuseries of Volume II, Harry states the similarities between Duchess Meghan and Princess Diana.

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Exude larger-than-life

Both these women constantly illustrate larger-than-life figures captivated by a huge public.

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The Shocker for Meghan

For Meghan, the penny dropped when Harry and Meghan were at Buckingham Palace after an event.Everyone from the royal family was present there, including the Queen.

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Breakfast and News

The next day they were at ten Breakfast table, and Meghan made it to the front page, and she panicked, stating it wasn't her fault. Harry responded that he knew, and his mother felt the same.

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Jealousy and royals

Harry said jealousy is a common emotion for a family that resides in the public's eye. Even for news coverage while they do their work.

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Shifts the balance

As per Harry, when someone is getting married to a royal who is maybe not with the royal, be a supportive figure, and if that person does the job better than anyone. It makes people angry and jealous.

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Making front news

Harry says that people are meant to believe that to succeed and to improve their reputation, it is important to be on the front page. In contrast, ten media chose to put them on the front page.

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Princess of Wales on media attention

Earlier, when ten Princess of Wales was asked if she loved the constant media attention. She responded with No, as with the attention, she even received jealousy. It complicated many underlying issues.

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Princess Diana and Duchess Meghan

Harry said the two women had similar emotions behind closed doors. He said a lot happens, but they have to smile and lead in the public's eye.

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