The Polygamous TLC Star is All Set to Start a New Chapter with Janelle

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The sister wives is a show that broadcasts polygamous families. Kody Brown was also part of it in 2010; he became famous for his four marriages and 18 children. Kody is in the news; he wants to reconcile with one of his wives Janelle with whom he announced his separation in December 2022. Kody split with Christine Brown in the 2021's. November split with Meri Brown in January 2023 but remained married to Robyn Brown. And now he is ready to start the new chapter of his life with Janelle again, whom he married in 1993.

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Reconciling the old relationships

The TLC star admits that he is not looking for a new wife; instead, he is looking forward to making his relationship better with Robyn and reconciling his relationship with his former wife, Janell. Kody and Janell together have six children named Madison, Logan, Gabriel, Garrison, Hunter, and Savanah. Kody said that the couple- Kody and Janell are still examining their breakup. He is calm and hopeful about the situation that they may reconcile and negotiate. He further stated that if he and Janelle get back together, it will be unusual for them as all things would be different from whatever they had before; he has to find a new normal with Janell. He said that any effort he would want to make regarding finding his new wife would be in the direction of patching up things with Janelle, which will gradually help him maintain his relationship with Robyn, his current wife.

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The stance of Janelle

In this scenario, Janelle also gave her stance; she said that she does not have any regrets, and the life we have now is all because of the experience we had. She also said that we all are trying to settle into the new trails of life, and there's nothing else except for the possibilities ahead.

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The children of Kody and Janelle

Kody and Janelle welcomed their firstborn in 1994, they named him Logan Brown, and he is now engaged to his girlfriend and is working as a manager for a startup in Nevada. Their second child was Madison, who was born in 1995; Maddie is now married to her boyfriend and does not have any plans regarding living in a plural family. After two years of Maddie, the couple welcomed their third child named Hunter, he obtained his master's degree from a nursing school in 2022, and Hunter has recently moved near his family to live with them. Next in the line is Gabriel, the couple's fifth child, born on the 11th of Oct, 2001. Last but not least is Savanah, the sixth child of Janelle and Kody, who is the youngest and spends most of the time with her huge blended family.

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Kody looks forward to enhancing his relationship with Robyn and reconciling the previous one so that the family can live again happily as a polygamous family.

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