15 Apr, 2023


Play These Games While You Wait For Diablo 4

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The Summer Release Date Announced

Diablo 4's beta weekends have already raised excitement levels, and now some may be wondering how to fill the months until the official release this summer.

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The First Dungeon Crawlers

Despite not being the first dungeon crawler game, the Diablo series helped define them and inspired numerous others.

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Dungeon Crawler Of The Year

Though Blizzard's Diablo has long been considered one of the best dungeon crawlers, there are still many others out there to enjoy.

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Players Explore Dungeons

There is a cartoonish art style despite the dark and cruel environment of Curse of the Dead Gods, in which players explore the dungeons of a cursed temple filled with traps and enemies.

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Diablo-Like In Appearance

Despite appearing similar to Diablo and having a similar plot, Book of Demons offers an entirely different perspective on the genre.

Media Credits: Bloody Disgusting

Provides Plenty Of Content

In addition to Diablo 4, players can always prepare for it by replaying Diablo 3. Diablo 3 offers plenty of content even after players have won it.

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Attempt To Explore All Dungeons

With Children of Morta, you can take on any of the six playable Bergson characters and explore every dungeon on your own or with a friend.

Media Credits: Game Informer

A Story And Lore Of Incredible Depth

Apocalyptic fantasy meets dungeon crawling in Grim Dawn, a game with a large class system in deep lore and story.

Media Credits: GAMING TREND

Optional Customizations Are Excellent

Located in the same world as Diablo, Path of Exile offers a great dungeon crawler alternative, with excellent customization options and even hideouts and decorations.

Media Credits: Ordinary Reviews

Favorite Among Them

It has been a long time since Torchlight 3 came out, but for many players, the second entry in the Torchlight 2 series remains their favorite.

Media Credits: Destructoid

Provide Quests For Players

As an ARPG set in the Forgotten Realms, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and its sequel use DnD rules and allow players to quest and conquer dungeons.

Media Credits: RPGamer

Discovering Many Treasures

Players can head out on a blocky adventure exploring lots of treasure with Minecraft Dungeons, a more cheerful and light version of the typical dungeon crawl.

Media Credits: GamesRadar

The Best Choice In The End

A game like Diablo 2: Resurrected will ultimately be the best choice for someone who wants to experience Diablo 4's feel. This game feels more like Diablo 4, so it is widely regarded as one of the best in the series in terms of style and tone.

Media Credits: Eurogamer

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