PewDiePie apologizes after mocking deaf TikTok creators in a video

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Posted on: 29 Jul, 2022

A recent video featuring YouTube personality and Swedish gamer PewDiePie mocked a TikTok creator who is deaf, resulting in backlash.

This week, the 32-year-old - who has 111 million YouTube subscribers and whose behavior has caused controversy over the years - uploaded a video to his channel sharing his reaction to several videos that made him 'cringe.'

Even though the footage of Scarlet May's recent video has since been deleted from the YouTuber's post, the social media star, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, included a clip from the YouTuber's recent video. She uses both English and American Sign Language in her videos, which have 6.2 million views on TikTok.

That PewDiePie shared a now-deleted part of the YouTube video in which she recounted an experience she had at a drive-thru while wearing one of her trademark manicures.PewDiePie told the outlet that he wasn't listening to the video.

After commenting on her nails, he appeared to imitate sign language in the video, saying to his dog, 'Look, she has your crazy nails, Maya.'. He apologized for distracting them.PewDiePie apologized on his YouTube video, saying that he was unaware she was deaf.

He continued, adding that 'making my dog's paws move was poking fun at people always dancing or doing some move on TikTok, which is an ongoing theme in the whole video.'

'Honest mistake, my bad,' he wrote, noting that he had edited out the clip of May. YouTube viewers were quick to criticize the YouTuber, sharing their criticism in the comments section.

'This woman with the nails was not trying to be extra; she was signing because she was deaf,' someone wrote, while another added, 'Now a deaf person signing is a TikTok cringe...Wtf.'

It's not a joke to poke fun at the deaf community... you let us down with that one pewds,' another social media user wrote. In his apology, the YouTuber agreed with other commenters that he had no idea she was deaf and was just making fun of her nails.

PewDiePie's video on TikTok was acknowledged by May as well. She said, in a video posted on Wednesday, 'Everyone has been blowing up my phone about this.'. She added, 'It is very strange and unneeded, but I am not surprised. I am used to it.'.

It has been a big issue in the deaf community to use nails while signing, something May is actively trying to normalize.'She added, 'Then a big creator comes on here and throws us back a million steps.'

'I don't know if he was aware I was signing. Maybe he didn't like my long nails. That's okay. Many people don't like them. That's fine. I'm not for you.' she told him. It would be more appropriate if he 'admitted the mistake' if he was truly unaware of the situation.

I don't think you should just go about your day mocking deaf people who have already struggled for years with people like you,' she added, ending the post by saying, 'We all live and learn. If he didn't know before, he certainly knows now.'May acknowledged in a comment that PewDiePie eventually did remove her from the video.

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