26 Dec, 2022


Pepsi's New Commercial Is Stirring Major Controversy

By FactsWow Team

Joyful holidays

During the holidays, we enjoy pairings. There's hot chocolate with marshmallows, wine with cheese, and so many more. Thanks to Pepsi, the holidays have just gotten even more interesting.

Credits: Ad Age

Lohan's appearance

To spread the word about this innovative combination, Pepsi has recruited actress Lindsay Lohan.

Credits: Global News

Christmas outfit

In a new Pepsi commercial, the Falling for Christmas star fixes a dirty soda with Pepsi and milk using her Mean Girls Christmas costume.

Credits: The US Sun

The ad shows

It took Lohan a moment to warm up to Pepsi and milk, which she called 'one dirty soda' in the advertisement. However, she quickly became a fan.

Credits: Daily Mail

Celebrating the holidays

Lohan said she was thrilled to partner with Pepsi to promote Milk and Cookies. Having a little fun with Pepsi's dirty soda was a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season and embrace new traditions.

Credits: Nerdist

Waiting for the response

When I first heard about Pilk, I was not sure what to expect, but after my first sip, I was amazed at how delicious it was, so I'm eager to see how people around the world receive it, she said.

Credits: Extra

Inviting the fans

Pepsi invites fans to share their unique Pilk and Cookies treats this holiday season by participating in its #PilkandCookies Holiday Challenge.

Credits: India Today

It's gift time

You can enter the challenge to win cash to buy gifts for your loved ones at Christmas or yourself. Are you on Team Pink or not?

Credits: Pinterest

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