Pele, the iconic Brazilian soccer player, dies at 82

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Posted on: 30 Dec, 2022


Pele was considered the greatest player in soccer. He won the World cup three times and passed away at 82.

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Kelly Nascimento's issue statement

Pele's Daughter Kelly stated her father's death. She said everything in Pele's family is because of him. She gave her thanks and love to her father.

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Pele has been being treated for Colon cancer since September 2021. He had a tumour removed from his large intestine.

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Pele was hospitalised again in December 2021 to receive treatment for the colon tumour at Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein Hospital.

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Palliative Care Unit

In the first week of December, he was taken to the Palliative care unit when doctors saw no improvement in Pele's health as they felt Pele should receive Comforting treatment.

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Nascimento's early update

While this was happening, Kely wrote on her Instagram that her father was getting treated, and they will be back for the celebration of 2023 Together.

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Pele is a great player

Pele was born on Oct 23, 1940. He came from Tres Coracoes. He will be considered the iconic player in the history of soccer.

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King for a reason

Pele is also known as King. He played for 20 years for Santos, a Brazilian team, and made it the most prominent soccer team. He even dedicated half his career to playing for various teams to honour his career.

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