Park Ridge’s Vintage Pickwick Theatre Decides To Close In January

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

Park Ridge Pickwick Theatre

The iconic Pickwick Theatre of Park Ridge will give its final credits and roll in January after continuing a century of hosting moviegoers. The owners told Pioneer Press and Chicago Tribune on Tuesday.

The vintage movie theatre

Co-owner Dino Vlahakis, 63, said his family that the vintage film theatre is losing money to appeal for a consistent outcome since the rise of the pandemic. Though, they assume ‘knight in shining armor into the operation.

The Vlahakis family

The Vlahakis family has taken over around 900-seat theatres since 1967. It stood in Park Ridge from 1928, and after its opening as a Vaudeville house, it has added to the ‘National Register of Historic places in 1975.

Gone With the Wind

Vlahakis said the plan is to seize Pickwick show that last premiers on January 8, and he thinks that the picture shows ‘Gone with the Wind.’

Vlahakis’s statement

Vlahakis said, ‘we don’t want to close it, and maybe someone else will take this golden opportunity. But Dave Loomis (co-owner) and I can’t continue it anymore. I am at the age when I need to go to bed at 10 o’clock at night.

24 other Tenants for Building

Vlahakis said he wants to make a plan to maintain the ownership of the building with around 24 other tenants. It’s hard to make the financial situation up for operating the theatre.

The movie has fallen off

Vlahakis stated, ‘Movie has fallen off. For instance, at Christmas time, we have around 10 to 11 movies to pick from, and this year, we have five movies to premiere the show in the theatre.

Theatre Lost opportunities to sell tickets

With a few movies on the show, the theatre lost the opportunity to get regular back frequently, which means it sold fewer tickets.

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