How Outlander's Author Really Feels About The TV Show's Season 7 Finale

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The Outlander season 7 midseason finale delivered twists and turns that likely left fans reeling. But how did Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander novels, feel about the show adaptation of her work? We will reveal Gabaldon candid perspective on the finale episode and her opinions on the TV series overall here.

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Gabaldon Review of the Finale

Gabaldon holds unique insight into the adaptation process as an executive producer and consultant on the show.She praised the finale for skillfully distilling her expansive source material into a coherent narrative in an interview with Parade. She appreciated the inclusion of original dialogue like Jamie rousing speech as well as book moments like Claire surgery on Tom.

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Her Perspective on the TV Series

Gabaldon has supported the show from the outset while understanding the challenges of adaptation. She respects the creative license of the showrunners though is not afraid to voice disagreements over divergences from her novels. She is critiqued additions like Jamie rape in season 1 and Murtagh survival in the past.

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What is Ahead in Season 7 and Beyond

The finale cliffhangers left fans hungry for more. We can expect major events from Gabaldon book Echo in the Bone when season 7 returns in 2024 including Jamie reuniting with son William, a ghost from Claire past and Roger in Scotland facing new threats.

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Diana Gabaldon positive finale review shows she is largely satisfied with the show adaptation. She praises their loyalty to her characters and stories while offering constructive critique. Gabaldon remains an engaged and supportive force as Outlander continues enthralling fans on screen. We eagerly await what is in store next on this dramatic time-traveling adventure.

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