‘Oscars’ Would No Longer Air On ‘Sky’ In The U.K

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After a pact of 20 years, the ‘Oscars’ will no longer stream on the ‘Sky’ channel in the U.K. Stay on top of things with Factswow.com to explore the news worldwide.

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The U.K. Largest TV Broadcaster

Sky, the largest pay-tv broadcaster in the U.K., has relinquished its hold on the rights to Hollywood's premier awards ceremony. The company, owned by Comcast, regained the broadcast rights from the BBC in 2004.

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The Awards Ceremony

In previous years, the two companies had alternated as hosts for the awards ceremony over several years. However, the most recent agreement between Sky and the Oscars, aired by Disney-owned ABC in the U.S., remained steadfast until this point.

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Media Companies

While a specific explanation has yet to be provided for Sky's decision to relinquish the rights to next year's ceremony, numerous media firms are undergoing the impact of the ongoing economic challenges, leading them to implement cost-saving measures.

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Live ratings for Oscars

Over the past years, Live ratings for the ‘Oscars’ have consistently declined in the U.S. and the U.K., a trend that aligns with the ongoing decrease in broadcast TV viewership due to the prevalence of streaming services.

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‘Oscars’ at Devoted Channel

Sky had maintained a consistent tradition of airing the Oscars on its dedicated channel for the event, Sky Cinema Oscars, in addition to being available on Sky Showcase and its streaming platform, Now TV.

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Sky News and Sky Arts

A year later, the Oscars was landed into offerings of Sky’s free to air service, streaming at Sky News and Sky Arts with a move to made the ceremony more reachable to the movie fans of U.K. Reach Factswow.com for more thrilling and interesting stories.

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U.S. Entertainment Awards

The Oscars stand out as a rare U.S. entertainment award broadcast live in the U.K. Sky has always seemed like a seamless match due to the broadcaster's emphasis on acquired content through its HBO partnership.

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U.K. Broadcasters

Additional British broadcasters involved in American television content include Channel 5, which manages its 5USA channel, and Channel 4, known for procuring American shows for its primary channel and E4.

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