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Oscar 2023 | What Categories Were Eliminated By The Academy

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Changes In The Oscar Awards

The Academy Awards have remained unchanged for the past 94 years for several fundamental elements. 

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Outset Categories

It was easy for casual viewers and those immersed in awards season to feel a sense of continuity as the host, as well as the categories, such as Best Actor/Actress and Best Cinematography, were present from the outset.

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Important Awards

Some categories were introduced over the years but have yet to make it to the endless list of categories. It is worth noting their existence and the reasons for their removal as they fade into public memory.

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The Immediate Update

Best Director for Comedy, Best Director for Drama, and Best Unique and Artistic Direction was discontinued immediately after the Academy Awards of the first year. 

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Reason For Rejection

Since these categories are very similar, Best Title Writing was eliminated because talkies rendered the category meaningless due to their similarity.

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The Best Title Writing Award

The category was around for a short time, and it was removed following the 1930 Oscars after being introduced to appreciate the importance of title writing in movies.

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Dance Direction and Assistant Director Of The Year

In 1993, the Oscars added a Best Assistant Director category. Eventually, the Oscars focused more on popularity than hard work and dissolved the category in 1937. Since then, most choreographers have yet to receive Academy recognition. In 1935, the Oscars were created for Best Dance Direction. They were dissolved in 1937.

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Director Of The Year (Comedy)

There were separate categories for comedy and drama directors in the past, but they merged to create one category, 'Best dramatic director'.

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The Best Original Story

It was introduced to recognize screenwriters' contributions to the creation of stories. However, after the 1957 ceremony, the category was abolished.

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