Orlando Museum Claims Ex-Leader, Aaron De Groft On Fake Paintings

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Orlando Museum of Art

The 'Orlando Museum of Art' has filed a lawsuit against the former director for seeking profits via a scheme for showing fake paintings exhibited as freshly discovered works by artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

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Jean Michel Basquiat

On the work of Jean Michel Basquiat, it says that the painting's owners have promised him to make a significant cut of the proceeds through the eventual sale. Stay in the loop with Factswow.com and remain engaged ever.

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Five Co-owners

The legal action also identified five co-owners of those artworks who were alleged to have engaged the former head of the museum, Aaron De Groft, in a strategy that attorneys claimed aimed to promote 'his personal financial objectives' by using the museum's standing to validate the forged artworks and enhance their worth.

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Lawyers of the Museum

The Orlando Museum is suing its former director for fraud, conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract. They seek an unspecified sum in damages. For more, stay in touch with Factswow.com and discover more insights.

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A truth Stranger than a Fiction

The museum's lawsuit against its former director claims that the paintings were acquired through a bizarre and extraordinary series of events, with the story being even more extraordinary than a plot for a fictional work.

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Fake Paintings

The case filing by the 'Orlando Museum of Arts states that they have spent large amounts of money on the fake artwork, unintentionally bet their reputation on the pieces, and that the aftermath created by the defendants has cost them even more.

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More Aggressive Approach

After months without official comments, the 'Orlando Museum of Arts' has now chosen to aggressively pursue its former director and co-defendants through legal action, seeking to distance itself from the ongoing situation of the Basquiat scandal that has left the museum in an unstable position.

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Mark Elliott

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Mark Elliott, the current board chair of the Orlando Museum of Arts, said that the current lawsuit was against the former director, explaining that the institution aims to hold accountable those who are believed to have misrepresented the authenticity and origin of the fake Basquiat artworks.

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Authenticity of Basquiats

In response to a report published by The New York Times, dated February 2022, which raised concerns about the Basquiat artwork, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a raid at the Orlando Museum of Arts, confiscating the paintings in question.

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Museum Fired Aaron De Groft

The Orlando Museum of Arts dismissed Aaron De Groft soon after the FBI raid, and the institution was later formally sanctioned by the American Alliance of Museums, which placed the museum on probation for its role in exhibiting fake works of art.

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