On their shows, real housewives have displayed troubling behavior

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

The Real Housewives franchise means meeting and spending time with all kinds of personalities. Online, viewers are always discussing their favorites and least favorites. Despite this, some of the former and current cast members of The Real Housewives have left less favorable legacies than others.

The Real Housewives franchise began in 2006 with a focus on documenting the lives of wealthy women. It became clear that fans enjoyed high-tension moments, such as the fractured sisterhood between Kim and Kyle Richards, and rooted for certain wives while dismissing others as the franchise grew.

It happens tension now and then that a new cast member shakes up the troupe, but not in a good way. A lot of Real Housewives franchises have spread all over the country. Millions of people watch the franchise, which has made a tremendous impact on reality TV.

It is crucial that the cast maintains integrity and does not communicate in a way that might be viewed as damaging with such a large fanbase. There have been occasions where fans have noted that the casting process has failed the franchise and highlighted women with outdated viewpoints and behaviors.

RHOSLC's Mary Cosby

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Mary Cosby left the show after two seasons. The show's leader, Mary, is outspoken and sometimes strange, and during her time on the show, she divided viewers.

A woman of color admitted to avoiding 7-Eleven stores if there are Black people nearby at the RHOSLC season 1 reunion. After that, Mary pointed out the yellow tones in Jennie Nguyen's skin in season 2, saying she loved her 'slanted eyes'. Additionally, she referred to Jen Shah as a 'Mexican thug.'

It is always talked about how poorly Teresa Giudice presents arguments on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa's infamous table flip during RHONJ season 1 was a not-so-favorable introduction to her character, and many moments throughout her time on the show have only strengthened this impression.

Whenever those on the receiving end feel offended by Teresa's comments, she assures them she was just being funny. When those on the receiving end get offended by Teresa's comments, she masks them in 'jokes.'

RHONY's Ramona Singer

Several viewers of The Real Housewives of New York City think Ramona Singer's time is up on The Real Housewives. Having been on the show since season 1, Ramona has proven to be an iconic figure through her wide-eyed runway walk and the constant battle against Bethenny Frankel.

However, some of her ways of behaving and some of her viewpoints have been criticized. Despite Ramona's disdain for maids and butlers, she admits she sometimes refers to the staff as 'the help' if she has forgotten their names.

The constant back and forth she had with Eboni K. Williams in season 13, the first woman of color on RHONY, reflected unconscious racism, according to some fans.


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