21 Dec, 2022


No Christmas Episodes on Young Sheldon and but The Big Band Theory did!

By FactsWow Team

Christmas special!

Young Sheldon contains hundreds of episodes as it contains no Christmas special, but the Big Bang Theory has Christmas Episodes.

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Share of differences!

Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory have differences, even though they share the same main character.

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In contrast!

The show has never staged a Christmas Special; The Big Bang Theory had three episodes in its first six seasons.

Credits: TVLine

Faith in science!

His faith in science justifies the Big Bang Theory hero's atheism, but the story of a predatory church exploiting his mother and ruining her life before his father's death.

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Formative reason!

Young Sheldon season 6 saw Pastor Jeff Mary ban the Cooper family from the Church after news of Georgia and Mandy's pregnancy came out.

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Sheldon’s version of events!

Some episodes of Young Sheldon have been set during the holiday season. He does not have much stock in Christmas, but the character would only think to mention this if it is relevant to the plot.

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Clear exploitation!

The Church’s exploitation put Sheldon off religion, resulting in him having no memories of family Christmases.

Credits: The New York Times

Sheldon feelings!

Sheldon's feelings on Christmas are somewhere between natural and negative. It was reasonable for viewers to wonder.

Credits: slate.com

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