NFL star wife Rachel Bush criticizes Brittney Griner release from Russian prison

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Posted on: 10 Dec, 2022

Gained criticism from sports community

This prisoner swap gained lot of criticism from the sports community, including Rachel Bush, the wife of Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer over Biden’s action.

Rachel Bush angry on Brittney’s release

In the hours after hearing of Griner's release, Bush rushed to Twitter to express her disgust with the arrangement.

Rachel Bush Twitter post

Bush on her Twitter feed mentioned, “So let me get this straight. We are sending billions to Ukraine for their war, however we just traded the “merchant of death” Russian arms dealer back to Russia DURING their war with Ukraine in exchange for a basketball player. Does that even SOUND RIGHT TO YOU?!”

Reason for prison sentence

Griner was accused of bringing medicinal hashish oil onto a domestic aircraft with her Russian Premier League squad in January and was later convicted.

Nine-year term sentence to Griner

Griner was given a nine-year term in a female prison colony with utmost security by the Russians. Though they did so right away after the decision, the Russians rejected Griner's request for release in late October and just recently acknowledged doing so.

Griner missing her dreadlocks

In the first images of Griner following her release, she was shown without her signature dreadlocks.

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