06 Jan, 2023


New 'You People' Trailer - Is Eddie Murphy stressed over his daughter's future husband?

By FactsWow Team

A poster has been released

A new trailer and posters have been released for Netflix's upcoming comedy You People, which stars Jonah Hill as Eddie Murphy's daughter obsessed with the stars.

Credits: Rolling Stone

Partnering with the right person

Hill portrays Ezra Cohen in the trailer as a successful businessman whom his Jewish family pressures to find a wife.

Credits: Department of Defense

Choosing the right partner

Despite this, Ezra dreams of finding the perfect person and will not settle for anyone. One day, Ezra mistakes her for an Uber driver and jumps into her car.

Credits: Empire

The encounter of a lifetime

Ezra and Amira are smitten with each other after their fateful encounter. So much so that Ezra decides to ask Amira to be his wife. The problem is their families.

Credits: The Fire Wire

The black woman will never settle

This proud family of Black women will never settle for a white boy. Murphy and Nia Long want the best for Amira.

Credits: Britannica

Deny acknowledgment

Julianne Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny refuse to acknowledge that their woke speeches can sound racist in the first place.

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Inconvenient family gatherings

The new posters reflect the theme of conflict by featuring uncomfortable family gatherings and the phrase: 'Opposites attract, families don't.'.

Credits: Wikipedia

Differences between cultures

Despite the trailer highlighting the new take on Romeo and Juliette, You People is also an American comedy about cultural differences.

Credits: Redbubble

Complexity is the key

As a humorist, Barris is no stranger to talking about complex social issues with humor. He created Black-ish and BlackAF sitcoms about life as a Black woman in the US.

Credits: Rolling Stone

Takes direction from a script

It's You People, the film that Barris directs based on a script co-written with Jonah Hill. Barris, Hill, and Kevin Misher also produce the film.

Credits: Daily Mail

Producers with executive responsibilities

A team of executive producers, including David Hyman, Matt Dines, Hale Rothstein, Alison Goodwin, Mychelle Deschamps, Andy Berman, and Charisse Hewitt-Webster, are responsible for making the show.

Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

Combined with the trailer

You People's star-studded cast, including Sam Jay, Elliott Gould, Travis Bennett, Molly Gordon, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Andrea Savage, Mike Epps, Emily Arlook, Alani La La Anthony, and Bryan Greenberg, has also been featured in the first-look images released together with the trailer.

Credits: IMDb

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