31 Dec, 2022


New Year’s Eve: The Concerts Playing At Main Squares, Croatia

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New Year’s Eve

Countdown begins, and New Year’s Eve is around the corner. Several towns and cities in Croatia will see the 2023 arrival through concerts at main squares and various entertainment programs. The preplanned open-air celebration will occur across the nation.

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Zagreb, the New Year’s Eve program begins at 7 p.m. at the main square with DJ performances through some performers of The Voice and the TV show, ‘A side.’ Videoclips, Pips, and Chips will take to the stage through Nipplepeople.

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In the concert of ‘Split’ at the Riva, the musician Severina will perform the act along with Vojko V., who will make the crowd cheer the party at night.

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One of the New Year’s Eve celebrations is the ‘Dubrovnik’ winter festival. In this concert, Ante Gelo and his crew will perform at the concert before the main arrival, Petar Graso.

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In the concert of ‘Pula,’ a Croatian musician, Nina Badric, will participate and get the main attraction within the city.

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At ‘Osijek,’ the musician, Crvena Jabuka, will participate on New Year’s Eve in the eastern region of Croatian.

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Legendary Croatian musician Miso Kovac will perform the act to lead the ‘Vukovar concert in Croatia.

Credits: Croatia Week


Some renowned musicians such as Madre Badessa, Black Coffee, Klapa Rispet, and Tonci Huljic will perform the act in concert, ‘Zadar,’ at the on-stage of Peter Zoranic Square. On the other hand, the 'Forum' will take part at People’s Square.

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One of the popular musician bands, Vatra, will perform an act in a concert, ‘Rijeka’ on Korzo, along with the Queen Real Tribute band.

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On New Year’s Eve, the popular Irish musician, Roisin Murphy, will perform at the Sibenik concert on Square, Cathedral of St. James. Alongside, Tony Cetinski will play the act for New year celebrations in Rovinj. Fiumens and Neno Belan will also perform at Mali Losinj.

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