02 Jan, 2023


New Year’s Eve 2023: How Stars Celebrated With A Bang

By FactsWow Team

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, 53, ‘the Marry Me star,’ wrote on Instagram on Sunday, 1st January, ‘Happy New Year’ in Spanish and English. In a snapshot, she wore an outfit of a splendid halter neck, red gown, and jovial novelty glasses.

Credits: Pinterest

Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer made a family-friendly celebration. The 39-year-old, One Tree Hill album created ‘kid ball drop’ with a range of balloons before the children’s bedtime. She shared, ‘the children tucked into the bed. I am so excited and go to do a bubble bath.

Credits: Us Weekly

Katherine and Chris Pratt

Katherine Schwarzenegger captioned via Instagram, ‘Happy New Year. I am grateful for family, my babies, health and husband’s linen shirt’.

Credits: Daily Mail

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, ‘the friend’s alum,’ wore a black outfit she dressed in 2023 for a beach to enjoy with friends.

Credits: British Vogue

Candace Cameron Bure

In the Full House alum, Candace Cameron Bure wore a necklace and a festive headband to begin a new year with a bang. Her husband, Valeri Bure, wore novelty glasses this New Year’s Eve.

Credits: Us Weekly

Josh Hall and Christina Haack

The costars of ‘The Christina in the Country’ raised a glass to heat New Year’s Eve on Saturday.

Credits: Closer Weekly

Brittany Snow and ‘Pitch Perfect Crew

Brittany Snow shared a photo on Saturday with her musical costars on New Year’s Eve, ‘This Year I have been outlandish, but I know a thing. I’ve amazing, superb colleagues, and out of this world.

Credits: Us Weekly

Lindsay Arnold

Lindsay Arnold, the pregnant ‘Dancing with the stars and spouse, Sam Cusick, cuddled the daughter stage on Saturday night.

Credits: Women's Health

Artem and Nikki Bella

The married duo, Artem and Nikki Bella, and their son, Matteo, shared a photo at a New Year’s Eve festival carnival.

Credits: People.com

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez, the pregnant, ‘Jane the Virgin album, and her spouse, Joe LoCicero, posted a baby bump selfie before catching a late-night tang from a local taco truck.

Credits: Yahoo News NZ

Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe

The Bachelor Nation Duo, Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe, with their three kids, spiced up the New Year celebration 2023 together at midnight.

Credits: People.com

Freddie Prince and Sarah Michelle

The Scooby-Doo stars Freddie Prince and Sarah Michelle cheered up the New Year with a tropical holiday with their son, Rocky, and daughter, Charlotte.

Credits: Pinterest

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