New Year's Eve 2023: 5 Dishes From Cheese Fondue to Pizza Rolls to Complement Your Party Menu

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 27 Dec, 2022

It’s A New Year

It's time for us to say goodbye to 2022 at the party. A successful New Year's Eve party involves good music, snacks, and drinks. There's a lot of work to do while planning the perfect New Year's Eve party menu.

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Cheese Fondue

This recipe is super easy to make and everyone's favorite. It must be served with baguette cubes for dipping. Baby potatoes, green peppers, and sliced ​​apples are also good options.

Credits: Delicious

Rava Cake

Of course, the plum cake is closer to the Indian tradition. So why not start your New Year's tradition with a lava cake, an instant cake made with lava (streets), whole grains, and curds? Especially for those who are new to bread making, it is easy to make.

Credits: At My Kitchen

Vegetable Korma

This creamy, restaurant-style vegetable korma curry makes the perfect main course. A mix of vegetables is cooked in a creamy coconut-based sauce to create a lip-smacking curry.

Credits: At My Kitchen

Pizza Bread Roll

This pizza and roll combination brings the best of both worlds to your plate. Instead of filling the bread with cheese, spices, vegetables, etc., fill the bread with names.

Credits: Kawaling


Can a party be fuller without biryani? Prepare paneer and rice separately and handily cook with a dam to combine flavors. Chicken, mutton, eggs, and mixed vegetables can also be used.

Credits: Archana's Kitchen

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