New Exciting Hip-Hop Projects: Quavo, Est-Gee, Boosie Badazz, And Many More

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In the days of summer, hip-hop singers continued to release new music. This week, a Migos member pays tribute to a fallen friend, a Kentucky rapper releases a sequel to his 2019 mixtape, a Louisiana rhymer details his legal troubles on his new project, and more.

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Quavo New Album

A Migos member, Quavo, pays tribute to his nephew with his new album, Rocket Power, nine months after Takeoff's tragic shot death in November 2022. Quavo also dropped a YouTube video titled ‘A Conversation for the Fans’ before the album release.

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A Conversation For The Fans

‘A Conversation for the Fans’ shows Quavo in the black-and-white visual. He spoke candidly about how his nephew Takeoff's death has affected him that he still often cries for him and thinks about the late rapper's death.

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Rocket Power Trailer

Not only that, Quavo released a trailer for Rocket Power. The clip shows the 32-year-old rapper, Quavo, stands in front of a rocket ship as it prepares to take off. He holds up a spacecraft-themed necklace while wearing a Takeoff T-shirt.

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EST Gee New Project

EST Gee also returns in 2023 with her new sequel to his 2019 debut mixtape, El Toro 2. The new tape represented the active year of Young Shiners compilation, Shiners are Forever, and his solo LP, MAD, which were released in July and March.

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El Toro 2 First Single

Before EST Gee revealed her new project's cover art last week, she recently dropped El Toro 2's lead single, ‘Turn The Streets Up’, which was produced by ForeverRolling and has streamed over 2 million in Spotify since it was released in May.

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Boosie BadAzz Throwback

If we go back to June, 2023, Boosie BadAzz was arrested on federal gun charges in San Diego. He was captured on his IG Live filming a music video ‘Neighborhood Crip’ with a handgun in his waistband. He tried to throw out the case but a judge brought his case to trial.

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Boosie BadAzz Legal Fight

Recently, Boosie BadAzz shared the details of his legal plight that he was still going through. On his new project, ‘Goin Thru Some Thangs’, Boosie BadAzz details his legal plight and life struggles in the last couple of months.

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The hip-hop world was full of mixed topics earlier. Beside the new projects of Quavo and Est-Gee, Boosie BadAzz was still fighting with his legal troubles. Hopefully, Quavo and Est-Gee succeed in their new projects and Boosie BadAzz will win his legal troubles.

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