27 Dec, 2022


Netflix Wednesday star Jenna Ortega reveals the dialogue she refused to say

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Streaming series star

There is no doubt that the 20-year-old actor is the star of the Netflix series, which is a new reimagining of Charles Addams' classic Addams Family.

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There is a questionable line

The questionable line appears during the fourth episode of the series, which is based on the school's annual dance.


Looking at an antique shop dress

The image of Wednesday eyeing up an antique shop dress while out with Thing is seen in the window.

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The dress has been stolen

Her dress is stolen in an episode later in which she is looking for something to wear and finds that Thing has stolen it.

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Gratitude filled her face

There was a line of dialogue in the sequence between Ortega and Ortega's disembodied hand, which she looked grateful at.

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The actor revealed it

'There is a line where she is supposed to say something like, 'I am literally hating myself over a dress, I am freaking out about it,'' the actor revealed in a Netflix Q&A.

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Her surprise was contagious

Afterward, she was surprised by the amount of dialogue that wasn't necessary to make her sound human. The dialogue seemed to be minimized, she said.

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She received praise from fans

Despite many agreeing that Ortega's usually deadpan character wouldn't have suited the role, fans praised her for cutting.

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Scene of the week

There was a scene in the same episode where Wednesday danced the school prom, likely the most talked about scene from the series.

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Incapable of sleeping

According to an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the actress said she had been unable to sleep for days before filming the dance scene.

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Inexperienced in that field

It made me feel like such a fool. I am not a dancer. None of that is my job. That field is completely new to me. It was like I had not slept for two days.' she said.

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Viewership milestone

A major milestone in viewership has been reached by Netflix's Wednesday series, which recently beat the serial killer drama, Dahmer.

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