Nelly Cheboi Declares As CNN Hero Of The Year 2022

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Posted on: 12 Dec, 2022

Nelly Cheboi

Nelly Cheboi who did a worthwhile software engineering job in Chicago has created computer labs for schoolchildren of Kenyan. She was announced as ‘CNN Hero of the year 2022’.

CNN heroes 2022

The online voters chose her from the top CNN heroes in 2022. Her nonprofit named, TechLit Africa has offered thousands of students in rural Kenya access to upcycled and donated computers for a brighter future.

Worked hard to educate Us

Nelly cheboi received the award with her mother by saying, ‘worked hard to educate us. She started her speech by singing a song in performance and explained it had a special meaning while she grew up.

CNN heroes of the Year

Cheboi will get around $100,000 to boost her further work as CNN hero of the year. She and various top artists were honored at Sunday’s gala and will receive $10,000 as a cash prize.

Elevate prize winner

For the first time, the new collaboration of CNN lives announced Nelly as ‘the Elevate Prize winner’ through which she got $300,000 grand, additional assistance worth $200,000 for her nonprofit work.

Cheboi lived life in Poverty

Nelly Cheboi grew her life in Poverty in a rural township of Kenya in Mogotio. She said, ‘I know the pain of poverty. I never forgot what it was like with my stomach churning because of my appetite at night.

Full Scholarship in Illinois

Nelly Cheboi who is a diligent student, got a full scholarship in Illinois to Augustana College in 2012. She started her formal studies, having zero experience in handwriting papers, and computers and baffling with transcribing into a laptop.

Aubrey Plaza

Aside from this, actor Aubrey Plaza declared Aidan Reilly, the CNN Hero who introduced the nonprofit in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aubrey co-founded the Farmlink project

The actor of Aubrey plaza movies and tv shows said, ‘From his pandemic couch, Aidan and his colleagues co-founded Farmlink project. The nonprofit joints surplus food items from farms across the US- food that would otherwise be a waste- to those who need it. In just two years, we moved above 70 million pounds.

Nomination for the Next Year

CNN live has joined with ‘GoFundMe’ to donate awards of this year’s Top 10 honorees. If you think someone doing amazing in your community, keep an eye on CNN heroes, nominating folks as CNN hero of the year 2023.

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