19 Dec, 2022


National Twin Day 2022: 5 Celebrities Twins You Should Know

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When is national twin day 2022?

National twin day 2022 falls every year on 18th December. The day rejoices over the unique and similar connection the twins share if they live in two places around the globe.

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Twins share more than just DNA

Twins share more features than mere DNA. In 2019, National twin day was celebrated on 18th December with all the twin things. Now, in 2022, you can have insight into the five celebrity twins you may need to become more familiar with.

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Nikki Bella and Brie Bella

Since WWE's debut in 2007, the Bellas 39-year-old have been employed together. Once they retired from professional wrestling in 2018, they started working in the reality series Total Bellas’ from 2016 to 2021.

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Hunter Johansson and Scarlett Johansson

When Scarlett Johansson began her name in movie entertainment, her brother acted as an activist and politician in the past. Hunter Johansson, in 2008 employed in the Presidential Obama Campaign and was also the creator of the environmental firm Solar Responders.

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Angel Carter and Aaron Carter

On this twins' day, songwriter Aaron Carter shared his birth date with his beloved sister, Angel Carter, who works as a model, as per Entertainment Tonight.

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Sami Malek and Rami Malek

The Bohemian Rhapsody actor Rami Malek has a similar twin brother, Sami Malek, who doesn’t belong to the entertainment field but works as a teacher.

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Rajiv Lakshman and Raghu Ram

The twosome, Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman hosted the event of MTV Roadies. Aside from this, Raghu Ram made shows such as MTV Splitsvilla, MTV Roadies, and MTV Dropout Pvt. Ltd.

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National Twins Day 2022

Apart from these, there are a plethora of celebrities who are not-so-popular twins. Observing this twins day 2022, you may familiarize yourself with some personalities with siblings with similar appearances born on the same day. Wish you a Happy National Twin Day 2022!

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