14 Apr, 2023


Mykelti Brown Padron's Twins Bond With Sister Wives' Janelle

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Long Wait For A Meet-Up

Mykelti Brown Padron's twin sons, mykelti Brown, were finally met by Janelle Brown of Sister Wives for the first time this Easter. 

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Janelle's Time For Family

Now that Janelle is single, she spends more time with her immediate family, especially the newest Brown grandbabies. She and Christine Brown have been best friends for years.

Media Credits: Sisterwives Wiki - Fandom

The Latest Picture On Instagram

Janelle Brown posted a cute photo on Instagram over the holiday weekend of her newest grandchildren, Archer, and Ace Padron. Her original purpose was to attend Avalon's second birthday party, Mykelti's daughter.

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Wonderful Balloon Decoration

The ex-wife of Kody Brown looked radiant as she embraced the boys. As you can see in the photo on Instagram, there was a gold balloon decoration in the house. 

Media Credits: Us Weekly

A Family Pictures

Not surprisingly, Kody was not present. According to Mykelti, Robyn Brown is seen holding one of her sons in the background. As Mykelti's only 'mom,' Robyn and Mykelti have always been close.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Gossip

Janelle Is Aproud Grandmother

During the recent season of Sister Wives, viewers asked, 'Aren't you considered her mother too?' In Lehi, Utah, Janelle, and Christine recalled childhood memories.

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Christine About Janelle

During Janelle's absence, Christine said that the kid was her second mom while she earned a paycheck for the polygamous family.

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Reunion After The Divorce

In the past month, Janelle has made the most of her time since announcing her divorce from Kody at the reunion. 

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A valuable Time

She spends much of her time in North Carolina with Maddie, in Utah with Christine, and at home in Flagstaff. Throughout her Sister Wives career, Janelle has been considered the glue that keeps them together.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Gossip

It's A family Time

It is time for the mom of six to get to know the people you care about more mean the most to her now that Kody's not hanging off her like a dead weight.

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