21 Dec, 2022


Mike Hodges, Director of Flash Gordon, dead at 90

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The well-known Director

Mike Hodges made some amazing movies as Flash Gordon and Croupier but died at the age of 90.

Credits: The Guardian

Mike Kaplan confirms the news

The news of Mike Hodges passing away was confirmed by the producer of I'll Sleep when I am Dead, Mike Kaplan. He informed the reported Hodges passed away in Dorset, England after his heart stopped functioning.

Credits: NewsBreak

A long career

Mike Hodges had a long-running career that started in the 1950s. Before entering the movie as Hodges served as a royal navy mine sweeper. He spoke about it as one of the path-breaking things ever.

Credits: The Guardian

Mike's life

He spoke after the Guardian published his letter. Mike witnessed extreme poverty and devastation. He was a qualified navy charter accountant and complacent Tory. Twenty years later, when Mike Hodges was asked to adapt Ted Lewis's book, he realized the world attached his witness to it.

Credits: The Telegraph

Flash Gordon

Mike's second movie, Pulp, was released after getting Carter's movie of 1971. Flash Gordon witnessed Mike's talent as a director. The movie received immense love, and it was similar to pop culture.

Credits: The Nerdy

No light on Projector

The movie is derived from a comic strip from 1930, and Mike thought he would never see a movie through a projector.

Credits: MUBI

Outshine work

Mike's work as Director only flourished as his dramas expanded. He directed Squaring the Circle and Dandelion Dead. Mike's last project was Watching the Wheel come off.

Credits: People

Brian Lynch shares his condolences

The comic writer Brian shared his condolences on receiving the news of Mike Hodges's death. He wrote that he watched Flash Gordon during the pandemic, which made him happy.

Credits: The Guardian

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