18 Apr, 2023


Mercenaries' Characters In The Re4 Remake Are Rated For All-out Destruction

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Different characters play

Players can also play as various characters from the franchise in the Resident Evil 4 remake, just as they did in the original 2005 version with its Mercenaries Mode DLC. 

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Different faces

Four familiar faces can be selected in this expansion, each with a different set of abilities, weapons, and items.

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Understanding is important

A violent mob of Ganados can often make the difference between life and death, so understanding each option must be analyzed in terms of its strengths and weaknesses. 

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Players' characters

By understanding the relatively straightforward kits of all Mercenaries characters, players can avoid the latter to a greater degree.

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The vital role

As part of the Mercenaries Mode DLC for RE4, one of the biggest changes is the roster of playable characters. 

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Reboot is impossible

Although players could play Ada Wong and Albert Wesker in the original expansion, they need help in the reboot.

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New game release

As part of a planned Separate Ways DLC remake, the stories of both operatives may be expanded, which could then be integrated into the newly released minigame. 

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What are Mercenaries?

For now, however, players must settle for the four characters in the Mercenaries DLC.

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In the RE4 remake, Luis' story was drastically revised, giving him a more significant role in the overall plot. 

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Mismatch found

However, his kit in the Mercenaries DLC does not match the new narrative impact he has gained. 

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Weapon using rounds

In addition to his Red9 and SR-M1903 weapons, he will have 30 handgun rounds, five rifle rounds, a boot knife, a flash grenade, and first aid spray. Each run will include 30 handgun rounds and five rifle rounds.

Media Credits: as.com

Issues with Leon

Luis may need help with close-quarter combat than Leon, who has weapons for close, middle, and long-distance encounters.

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He will be able to defeat enemies with a bit more enthusiasm by using Leon's Mayhem Mode - the equivalent of an ultimate ability in the RE4 remake.

Media Credits: IGN Nordic


Mercenaries' Jack Krauser represents some of the hardest bosses fights in RE4 remakes, and his abilities and kit are no exception.

Media Credits: The Nerd Stash


It is clear, though, that HUNK is the best Mercenaries character in the remake. His ability to consistently slay those in his path has earned him the nickname 'Grim Reaper' in the rural Spanish village, and he continues to do just that.

Media Credits: Golem.de

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