19 Dec, 2022


Melody Ehsani and Flea together welcome their Baby No: 1

By FactsWow Team

In a July Instagram post, Melody Ehsani initially revealed she was expecting Flea and their first child. She also flaunted her baby bump.

Credits: Metro UK

Flea announced news on Babylon red carpet

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist, 60, announced on Thursday during the Babylon red carpet that he and his wife Melody Ehsani welcomed their first child on December 12 during the Babylon red carpet.

Credits: Daily Mail

Flea on his upcoming movie

Flea talked about filming the Damien Chazelle-directed film, where he plays Bob Levine, including a 'wild' party sequence that required 12 days to shoot at the Babylon premiere.

Credits: Us Weekly

Third kid to Flea

This newborn is the third child for the musician, who already has a daughter named Clara, 34, with his ex-wife Loesha Zeviar, and a son named Sunny Bebop, 17, with Frankie Rayder.

Credits: Daily Mail

Ehsani's pregnancy announcement on Instagram

Ehsani announced her pregnancy news on July Instagram post with a post of her growing baby bump.

Credits: NY Breaking

Flea and Ehsani wedding

The well-known bassist and fashion designer who serves as Women's Foot Locker's worldwide bassist wed in October 2019.

Credits: Hello Magazine

No details about newborn

Flea and Melody, 42, haven't revealed any other information about their newborn child as of yet.

Credits: Salten News

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